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Product Questions For The Tauten Line Welder


How long does it take to create a weld?

The weld is complete and may be removed 35 seconds after pressing the button.


How many welds can be performed on a single charge?

A fully charged welder can perform 50 welds. 


How many welds per cartridge?

Each cartridge can produce 12 welds.



How do I order cartridges?

 Cartridges are available on the website in 3 packs ($11.99).  We also offer "Buy three, get one free" or four 3 cartridge packs (12 cartridges) for $35.97.  



Does the product work on braided line?

Yes, contact us with the braid you use and we will tell you if its been tested.


Does the product work on mono and fluoro line?



How do you charge the Line Welder?

The device is recharged using a micro USB port. 


How often do I need to charge the Line Welder?

The Line Welder should be charged before each outing.  Using the included transformer it should take 3-4 hours to charge. If using a PC powered USB port it should take 6-8 hours to charge. 


Is it water resistant?



Is the weld abrasion resistant?



Will the weld work with wire leaders?

Currently wire leaders are not supported with the Line Welder.


What is the weight capacity of the weld?

Welds exceed line strength.


Can the weld work on different diameter lines?

The welds are optimized for 10-12# monofilament or fluorocarbon or 50# braid. The real limitation is .014 line diameter. Most heavier lines exceed the .014 diameter. If you would like, send us samples of the lines you use and we will weld them and return them to you for your inspection. If you want to do that, send them to Customer Service, Tauten, Inc., 100 Cummings Center Suite 215F, Beverly, MA 01915.  Be sure to include the line specs - Brand, weight, type, etc.


Can the length of the weld be shortened?

The weld length is non-adjustable.


Ordering Questions For The Tauten Line Welder


Will you ship to other countries?

Currently, we are only accepting orders for shipment in the United States.


What is your return policy? 

If you are not satisfied with your Tauten LineWelder, contact us within one year of purchase and we will do whatever it takes to fix it.  We will replace or refund all your money, including shipping and taxes.  We will even pay any return shipping costs.  Just call our customer service department at (978) 961-3272, ext. 2.






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